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Move In Service

We will help you move your web sites from your existing host. In most cases we can do all of the work for you if you provide login information at your old host and your domain registrar.

A properly managed move does not require your website to go down. Ask us how to do this, or, just have us to do the whole thing for you!

We reserve the right to charge for very large moves, but we will always give you an estimate first if this is needed.

Other Set-Up Help

We will install a secure form-to-email script at no charge and provide the script and instructions so you can do this on other domains or pages.

We will install an easy-to-manage mailing list program and custom configure it to run well on our servers at no charge.


If something doesn’t work as expected after moving in, or after you install a new script, please ask for help.

Many common problems can be quickly identified by our technicians before you spend hours reading forums or asking script authors for help.



30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. As long as you don’t violate our terms of service, you can request a full refund of any hosting fees during the first 30 days of service. The guarantee does not apply to domain name registrations, SSL certificates, or dedicated servers.

You can also Upgrade at any time without losing your current investment. Any hosting time you have already paid for will be applied as a credit towards your next hosting plan – including a move to a dedicated server.

We Do Not Offer

Windows Server hosting, ASP, MS Access databases – very few sites need Windows hosting, but if yours does you will need to search for a Windows web host.

Spam hosting – you cannot send spam from our server and you cannot send spam from other servers advertising your domains.

High volume mailing lists – if you need to mail more than 250 emails a day please ask us in advance to make sure our server can accommodate your list. With the appropriate software we can do large mailings, but we do want to protect all of our clients from lists that slow down the server or that risk triggering spam blocks from ISPs.

Illegal files or activities – anything that violates United States law is prohibited. We will and do cooperate with law enforcement authorities in authorized investigations.

Pyramid schemes, pornography, and gambling sites, or sites that promote them, will not be allowed.

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